Emergency Services

Coast Guard President - Vince Davis,

Community Policing - Joe Fred Spencer

Fire Department (Fire Chief) - Nathan Johnson


Emergency Services are responsible for the administration and response of Fire, Ambulance, Search and Rescue, and Community policing services within the community. 


Department Summary

  • Provide training and equipment to the Gitxaala Volunteer Fire Department

  • Handle medical, fire, missing person, and police emergencies

  • Maintain and administer resources such including firetrucks and the comunity poicing vehicle. 



Gitxaala's Emergency Services provide reponse in times of emergency. The service is made up of mostly volunteers who are able to train and respond to emergencies when needed. Emergency Services also handles missing persons and Search and rescue, as well as working with the Coast Guard when necessary. 

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​​Band Office Telephone:




Band Office
Toll free:


Band Office: 

11 Ocean Drive, Kitkatla, BC

P.O Box 149, V0V 1C0

CLC Prince Rupert Telephone:

1-250-624-2423 Fax

G.E.M Telephone:

1-250-624-3338 Fax

C.L.C Lach Klan Telephone:

1-250-848-2286 Francesca

1-250-848-2221 Kirsten

CLC Prince Rupert Office

230-110 1st Ave. West,

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A8

G.E.M Office: 

280-110 1st Ave. West,

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3S1

C.L.C Lach Klan Office:

64 Ocean Drive

Kitkatla, BC V0V1C0

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