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Gitxaala Territorial Management Agency

“Working towards the enrichment and protection of the Values of the Nation”

The Office is located at:

Museum of Northern BC

280- 110 1st Ave West,

Prince Rupert,BC

V8J 3S1.



The G.T.M.A office is an agency of the Gitxaała Nation that is responsible for the protection of the environmental values of the Nation. Our primary role is to act as the point of contact for all works related to the environment in Gitxaała traditional territory and to engage with developers and government agencies to fully understand how development may impact the values of the Nation.

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Department Summary

  • Represent Gitxaała Nation in environmental assessment processes

  • Hold developers to the highest integrity and standards.

  • Provide sound, effective, and useful science and research for Gitxaała Nation.  


The Gitxaała Community Knowledge Keeper is the primary tool for GEM’s project management, impact analysis and research archive.  The CKK stores all of GEM’s territorial data and all historical and contemporary research materials about Gitxaała society, and lands and resources.  Please explore the public resources on the CKK.


Community Documents


Calliou Group. Gitxaała Use Study: LNG Canada Export Terminal Project. March 2014


Calliou Group. Gitxaała Use Study: Enbridge Northern Gateway Environmental Assessment.2011


Calliou Group. Gitxaała Use Study: Port Edward Area LNG Projects. July 2014


G.T.M.A Branches

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