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Gitxaała has an integrated governance system, with both an elected council and hereditary table. 

The elected council governs the administration of the Nation’s programs and services such as Housing, Public Works, and Health.  The hereditary table provides the elected council with their mandate regarding issues relating to Gitxaała rights and title and makes decisions regarding Gitxaała territory and resources.


Na hali Txooxgm sayt wan Sm’gygyet (Hereditary Table)


Each Gitxaała person is born into a Walp (House) and a Pteex (Clan). The hereditary leader of a house is a Sm’ooygit, often translated as ‘chief’, and is responsible for the territories of that house. The  Sm’ooygit governs and manages the territory and resources of the house, in collaboration with other high-ranking house members and the Sigidmhan’aa, matriarchs. The Gitxaała Hereditary Table consists of the Smgigyet and Sigidmhan’aa of the Gitxaała houses. They meet on a regular basis to discuss the issues facing their territories, and to advise the Elected Gitxaała Council. 


Elected Government


The Gitxaala Nation shall have a Governing Council consisting of seven (7) members:

(a) one(1) Chief Councillor, also referred to as the Chief;

(b) one (1) Deputy Chief Councillor, also referred to as the Deputy Chief; and

(c) five (5) Councillors.

Refer to Gitxaala Nation Custom Election code for more information.


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