Gitxaała Nation Elected Governing Council


Chief Councillor - Linda Innes

Linda Innes is the elected Chief Councillor.  She comes from the Ganhada (Raven) clan and the house of Dzew’a laks. Linda  has a diploma in Social Work, Business Administration, Psychology and Counselling, and is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a minor in Political Science and Environmental Planning at the University of Northern British Columbia. Her work experience includes financial administration, health administration, community development, and mental health and addictions.

As the newly elected Chief Councillor, her portfolios includes; economic development, governance, capital projects, health, and Title and Rights in collaboration with the Gitxaala Hereditary Governance. 

Linda has a passion for life-long learning and looks forward to working with Gitxaala in a capacity that aims to empower all Gitxaala through holistic wellness which is inclusive of economic development, and the protection of the traditional territory.  Linda values respectful relationships, and is motivated by family, community, and social justice. Outside of work, Linda enjoys land-based activities such as hunting, fishing, hiking, which is reflective of her Gitxaala Ancestors way of life since the beginning of time.


Survival is not an academic skill…it is learning how to take our differences and make them strengths (Audre Lorde).

Deputy Chief Councillor - Bruce Innes

I have been Elected for  the Deputy Chief position, I have been lucky to represent you in previous years as i was elected in on 2 terms; so I have the experience needed.

I have also worked for our Nation starting as Post Secondary Coordinator, then as Office Manager.  I have education in Business Administration but to be honest, I need 3 courses to obtain my Diploma, the college offered to give me a certificate but i refused because i would like to EARN it. 
As you can see I can take on a challenge.

I am an honest man and have been leading by example as to what I want for our community.

I have been "Out Home" since 2004 and enjoying my life here.

There is ALWAYS room for improvement when it comes to serving our people of Gitxaala.

Portfolios: Economic Development, Fisheries, Governance


Councillor - Keith Innes

Keith  Innes is  elected councillor serving his second term.  He comes from the Gisputwada (Killerwhale) clan and the house of Kymt’gwa.  Keith has a diploma in Social Work and his work experience includes; Aboriginal Fisheries Guardian, Education Coordinator, Aboriginal Education Worker, and men’s community residential facility to support wholistic wellness.

Keith’s portfolio’s include: education and administration.  Our vision is to increase educational outcomes which includes creating and supporting a stable environment for our children to learn , ensuring leadership and coordination in all areas of education which creates conditions for increased educational achievement for all Gitxaala.

Keith’s passion is for life-long learning of Gitxaala culture.  Keith looks forward to working with Gitxaala in a capacity that aims to empowerment all Gitxaala’s to achieve their fullest life potential.  Keith values family, community, and culture.  Outside of work, Keith enjoys teaching his children and grand-children land-based activities which includes hunting, fishing, and sea-food harvesting.


Councillor - Phillip Gamble

Phillip Gamble is a newly elected Council member serving Gitxaala for the next term of three years. He comes from the Gispwudwada clan.  Phillip graduated from Prince Rupert Secondary School and has the following achievements: Level C welding from Vancouver Island University, 1st year Forming Framing and Foundation from Discovery College and has worked at Canadian National Railway as a Locomotive Engineer and Conductor 2012-2019, and fuel service specialist for Seaboard Aviation 2011-2012.

Phillip has enjoyed a very fortunate up bringing filled with many lessons stemming from a watchful eye of his Grand father Smoo'got H'el and parents Ted and Bobbi Gamble. From these lessons the greatest ones I've taken is a strong mind and a strong back can take you a long way in life and the ability to do the right thing even when no body is watching will always out weigh your personal gain. In his spare time Phil recently found a passion for reading, as a two time Warrior champ, obviously loves basketball, and an interest in learning to cook with new spices and new ways of cooking traditional foods. Wai Wah

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Councillor - Brenna Innes

Brenna Innes comes from the Ganhada clan, house of Gitgyiiala and is a proud mother of four, was elected to council on by-election in August 2019 Brenna attended school at the University of the Fraser Valley, where she obtained a certificate in Indigenous Films, Maps, Rights and Land Claims as well as an Associate of Arts Degree.

Her work experience includes the justice and health care field where she worked in various roles such as a justice coordinator, mental health and addictions worker, and youth worker, all of which provided support services to vulnerable individuals. She has always taken pride in being able to build healthy working relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.
Brenna has a passion for bringing awareness and inclusion to the Gitxaala community as a whole regarding band opportunities and politics. She thoroughly enjoys gatherings with Gitxaała members where they continue to share, teach and learn the language, traditional songs and dances. 


Portfolios: Governance, Justice and Economic Development

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Youth Councillor -  Edgar George 


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