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Housing Manager: Ernie Westgarth

Housing Assistant: Kyle Mckay Sr


Gitxaała's Housing Department is responsible for providing housing support and services to all residents of Gitxaała. 


Department Summary

  • To provide basic housing needs to all residents within Gitxaała Nation

  • Provide ongoing support in order to improve the quality of life within our community

  • To manage Gitxaała's housing program in a cost effective, service oriented, and accountable manner

  • That all residents be treated fairly and equally with housing matters


Offered Programs in Gitxaala (Lach Klan)

  • Maintenance of existing housing stock through funded organizations for the Mortgaged housing stock

  • RRAP (Residential Rehabilitation Assisted Program) Renovations for none mortgaged houses

  • Assistance in maintenance for Elders in private homes.

  • Funding applications for private, mortgaged as well as existing commercial buildings

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