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Lach Klan School

Principal: Lisa Papania


Gitxaała's Education Department is responsible for providing education and opportunities to members in Kindergarten to Grade 12. The Lach Klan School is a provincially recognized, on reserve Independent School that offers education at the provincial level following the Ministry of Education Learning Outcomes. 


Department Summary

  • Providing K-12 Education through the Lach Klan School



Offered Programs

  • K-12 Education

  • Breakfast and Snack Program

  • BC Agriculture Fruit and Vegetable Program

  • Homework Club (Before and after school)


*Enrollment deadlines for funding of these programs is at the end of September although NCDES has an open registration for those who wish to complete their programs on their own. Training opportunities and enrollment criteria are based on the provider’s needs and prerequisites. 


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