Staff Directory

Band Office


Administrator - Marcia Robinson

Executive Assistant - Godfrey Innes

Receptionist - Deborah Russ

Finance Manager - 

Finance Assistant - Dorothy Jane Tolmie

Accounts Payable Clerk - Angie Ridley

Payroll Clerk - Norman Ridley

Housing Manager - Stephanie Innes

Housing Clerk - Cassandra Nelson

Income Assistance/Post Office - Laverne Faithful

Fisheries Technician - 

Public Works Manager - Vince Davis

Cable/Internet and Ferry Receptionist - Wendy Nelson

Water Treatment Plant Operator - Roger Vickers 

Recycling - Roger Vickers

Public Works - Duane Brown Sr. & Nathan Johnson

Community Police - Joe Fred Spencer

Janitor - Mercy Robinson


Gitxaala Environmental Monitoring


IBA Implementation Manager - Clarence Innis


Fisheries Manager - Bruce Watkinson

Fisheries Technician -  Colin Nelson

Heritage Research Coordinator - Caroline Butler

Special Advisor, Cultural Resources and Heritage Research - Charles Menzies Ph.D

Environmental Assessment Coordinator - Samantha Wagner BSc

Indian Registry Administrator/Receptionist - Anita Watts

Manager of Regulatory Affairs - James Herbert


Lach Klan School


Principal - Keri Taylor​


High School Teacher - Laryne Gamble

Language and Culture - Zelda Tolmie-Faithful

Grade 8/9 Teacher - Karter Sutch

Grade 6/7 Teacher -  Kayla Myles

Grade 4/5 Teacher - Page Campbell

Grade 2/3 Teacher - Kerri Sheppard

Grade K/1 Teacher -


Grade K4 - Patricia Hill


Continues Learning Center


Essential Skills Community Coach - Francesca de Bastiani

Essential Skills Coordinator -  Kirsten Barker

Program Assistant -



Employment Education Development

Education Employment and Training Manager - 


Employment Education Coordinator - 

Post Secondary Coordinator - Craig Bolton

Receptionist - 



Health Station 

Health Director/Wellness Coordinator – Cindy Ignas

Family Skills Worker  – Roxanne Aster

Receptionist - Charlene Hill

Patient Travel Clerk –  Danielle Bolton

Maintenance/Janitorial  – Perry Arnold Vickers

Community Health Representative – Corinna Innes

Community Care Assistant  Teresa Stewart

Homemaker –  Ruby Nelson

Home & Community Care Nurse -

CPNP Worker – 

Maternal Child Health Coordinator – Brooke Robinson

Family Worker – Joanne Hill

Youth Coordinator – 

Youth Worker – 

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Band Office
Toll free:


Band Office: 

11 Ocean Drive, Kitkatla, BC

P.O Box 149, V0V 1C0

CLC Prince Rupert Telephone:

1-250-624-2423 Fax

G.E.M Telephone:

1-250-624-3338 Fax

C.L.C Lach Klan Telephone:

1-250-848-2286 Francesca

1-250-848-2221 Kirsten

CLC Prince Rupert Office

230-110 1st Ave. West,

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A8

G.E.M Office: 

280-110 1st Ave. West,

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3S1

C.L.C Lach Klan Office:

64 Ocean Drive

Kitkatla, BC V0V1C0

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